What happens when the only culture and lifestyle you’ve ever known is removed and you must depend totally on Jesus to make the many decisions involved in living life and raising your children? Living in a modern world with which they were unfamiliar, these are the challenges faced by the authors of His Grace Found Me. In her story, Leona Koehn Nichols continues the events begun in her first book, Other Loves All Flee, which recounts the conflict in the hearts of her and her husband as they tried to live out their understanding of the Bible. It would culminate with the excommunication of the four family members baptized into the Church of God in Christ (Mennonite). 

They struggled for nineteen months with one question: Would they continue as part of their unique culture and faithfully follow the traditions of the church, or would they make Jesus the Lord of their lives? Having been raised in an ultra-conservative environment they had little concept of how the “outside world” lived. Included in this book are the stories of five other ex-Holdeman families, also reluctant to leave the life they knew. Faced with decisions of how to live their lives and raise their children without the clearly defined guidelines of the church, they searched the Scriptures for help in the various choices they would make. They too met many challenges, but over time each family has come to a place of joy in living out their faith. These families are: The Ray Eck Family The Anthony Toews Family The Quentin Giesbrecht Family The Lance Dirks Family The Jim Smith Family Truly, the grace of God reached down and found them, guiding their steps in “the new and living way” described in the Book of Hebrews. They have found their “freedom in Christ.”


Really enjoyed the inspirational thoughts. Comforting and uplifting book.



A Word of Thanks

To give thanks to the many people who have impacted our lives in a positive way would be impossible. However, certain individuals stand out as having been especially encouraging. These I would like to mention by name.

First of all, my husband, Willis, with whom I have shared this journey, and whose insight and kindness have always been a blessing, especially during the most difficult times.

To my three daughters, Micki, Bethany, and Darlisa, all of whom have prayed and encouraged, and whose personal commitment to Jesus is always an inspiration to me.

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